Saturday, November 10, 2012

Band-Aids for the Soul, Spirit, and Mind (LO's Crappy Crafts Part III.)

Working with the population I do (teenagers and young adults), I like to keep small, positive affirmations around our office.  Sow hen I came across this idea from The Little Seed, I knew I had to make a version geared toward my clients. The originator created a box of affirmations and sweet words for her mom to choose from when in need of a few uplifting words. So cute!
I create mine using quotes and affirmations geared toward teenagers (and veered away from anything too cheesy... save for a few Harry Potter quotes I could not resist). :)
Yay for crappy crafts!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

From Within The Voting Booth

Confession. Today was the first time I have ever voted, and found myself being unbelievably proud to be doing it :) I won't go into it about why I haven't voted previously, or even the specifics as to what made this "the" year. But it is just that. This is *the* year to finally make my voice matter! Very proud to be an American today!