Saturday, September 29, 2012

What I Wore II.

I had so much fun creating what I was going to wear on last week, that I decided to do it again. I had several requests to post the how the outfits actually turned out, so I decided to try something different! A 'look for less' if you will. Also, I was at home on Monday and therefor wore yoga pants, so I didn't include that day, for everyone's benefit. 

Disclaimer: my makeup bag is MIA, so excuse the tired look

Jeans: MIH $280, Earrings: Nadri: $138, Shoes: Debenhams $36,  Sweater:  LK Bennet $185, Belt: Alannah Hill $82

My Version: Jeans: Old Navy $32, Earrings: Claire's $9, Sweater w/Belt: Forever 21 $18, Shoes: Steve Madden found at TJ Maxx $22

Scarf: 823 $273, Jeans: J Brand $375, Sweater: Viyella $113, Shoes: Senso Vachel $307

My Version: Jeans: Old Navy $20, Cardigan: Maurice's $28, Scarf: Maurice's $15, Shoes: Steve Madded found at Marshalls for $16

Jeans: MIH $280, Scarf: Juicy Couture $88, Cardigan: MaxMara $235, Shoes: Debenhams $120

My Version: Jeans: Rampage $30, Cardigan: Maurice's $15, Scarf: TJMaxx $12, Shoes Bass $60 (marked down from $160!)

Jacket: HUGO $510, Shirt: QSW $52, Jeans: 7 For All Mankind $305, Shoes: Guess $100, Earrings: Blue Nile $630

My Version: Jacket: Liz Claiborn $8 (Marked down at the outlet store from $250!), Jeans: Old Navy $32, Shirt: Old Navy $22, Shoes: Maurice's $16, Earrings: Claire's $9 Friday hair: FREE

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

I feel like I'm falling for fall

After a bad day, I was able to relax and enjoy a nice late fall afternoon with Viv. We took a walk around the neighborhood, drew some pumpkin pictures, "followed" a caterpillar, and pulled out some of the Halloween decor.

I love fall.

I love the smell of leaves. I love the appropriateness of argyle socks. I love the apple picking. I love making my great grandmother's apple crisp (which as one of my first blog posts here!), and  the veritable smorgasbord of other apple-related goodies. I have once again fallen for fall.

 "I can be Pumpkin Girl!" Personally, I think it looks like she's teaching them the Macarena

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Clean Up Time

I clearly need to be more specific when asking Viv to put things away, lol.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Definition

Motherhood- Moth•er•hood- noun: A state (sometimes frazzled) in which one can forget they are wearing a superhero mask like a headband, often for a significant amount of time, until they catch a glance of it in the mirror.

LO's Crappy Crafts Part II.

Since no one confiscated my hot glue gun after almost destroying my wall, I have decided to continue with what shall from here on out be referred to as "LO's Crappy Crafts." I'm calling it that because while I do love to craft, I'm generally doing it on the fly Working on stuff like this tends to be therapeutic for me, and since my sick kiddo (seriously, ONE DAY of preschool and she's already gotten sick!) is sleeping, and my husband is not home to stop me, I am taking this opportunity to re-purpose something we already have.

I'm a Vermont girl at heart. I love the glass milk bottles from Strafford Organic Creamery! Clearly, as seen in the pics from our housewarming party, they can also be used as vases, and the resealable lids make them perfect for packed lunches. I have several on the windowsil in our kitchen, and was looking at them today while doing dishes and thinking about how to resolve the silent household battle that is the hubbster wanting the ugly dishsoap kept on the counter for convenience, and me stashing it under the sink for aesthetic purposes.


So, without further ado, I give you LO's Crappy Craft, Part Deux...

Super easy! Like I said, I did this today while Viv napped. It took like 10 minutes.

You will need the following:

Actually, you don't need the Red Bull.

Anywho, measure the widest part of your pump

Trace the measurement onto the lid in an X. Make sure this is centered or it won't work properly (and will look ridiculous)

Cut with a sharp knife, and place the pump through the lid (I told you this was easy)

However, at this point, like I did, you may decide you would prefer a pump that matches the lid. Originally I chose a black one to match the kitchen, but it just wasn't working for me! If you switch, make sure your alternative is relatively similar in size to the original. 

Hot glue inside the lid around the base of the pump to secure. Make sure you do this JUST around the base in order for the lid to fit and "lock" into place correctly

Let dry, fill bottle with the soap of your choice, and TA-DA!
Yay for crappy lighting! But hey, what's a crappy craft without crappy lighting?
Footnote: The opinions expressed are mine alone. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated by either Stafford Organic Creamery or Red Bull. I'm just simply a fan. I mean, I wouldn't turn down money to talk about how much I like them, but this time, I'm just a girl, sitting in front of a blog, talking about how much I like stuff.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Preschool and a Letter

I was torn as to which blog to post 'First Day of Preschool' Pics on. It's kiddo related, but personal too... sooo, I posted the Pinterest 'First Day' project over at It's a Daughter's World.

To My Darling Child on Her First 'First Day' of School,

Today was the first time of many in years to come, where Daddy and I will drive you to school, introduce you to your teacher, and wave goodbye as you run off to play. While I'm sure that you will not likely greet each year with the same enthusiasm that you did today, Daddy and I promise to be just as proud, if not prouder, of you everyday as we were of you today. <3 p="p">

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First Day of School

Another project I stole from Pinterest... what a cute way to remember each first day of school, and fun to look back on how these favorites change from year to year :)

On another note, Viv's first day of school was today. My BABY is in SCHOOL. WTF did the hubbster and I allow this "growing up" thing to happen?!  I was not the blubbering mess I thought I would be this morning, because she was so excited to be there and happy to be be meeting new kiddos. I felt a little blue when she ran off to start her day, but felt more proud of her than anything else.

Love this little face! Couldn't be more proud and happy to be her mama!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Warm House, Warm Heart

Amidst tornado warnings, family and friends gathered for our housewarming last evening. While I'm bummed that my outdoor "Olmstead Homestead"/Country Chic theme couldn't really be translated inside (the burlap table runner idea I found on Pinterest was a little toooo country-smelling for indoors), we had a lovely time with good food and great people! I can't think everyone enough for coming!
Here are a few pics from the party... I didn't take many because I was too busy chatting, and clearly my camera was not on the right setting, but oh wells...

First of all, can we talk about this amazing cake, made by my good friend's husband? It tasted as amazing as it looked!
Photo Credit: Josh Drown
Mike, The (blurry) Grillin' King!
Homemade Salsa.... drool worthy!
Live performance by Viv & Av, The Homestead Singing Duo
Prepped for an outdoor evening, but it was not to be!
And check out this awesome housewarming gift painted by our friend Brian! 
You can check other art here

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