Monday, May 27, 2013

Kiddo Craft: Chalk Driveway Fun

Sweet girl asked to be a fairy...

This was supposed to be her jumping on a trampoline... next time, I stand on a chair! Sadly, this as all she had the attention for or I would ave tried a few more ideas I had.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Father's Day Gift-spiration

This is a Father's Day gift we made the hubbster the past two years... currently on the hunt for something to make him this year! 

Last year... this was surprisingly easy... cardboard, hot glue, ribbon = ta-daa!
Two years ago...

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Very "Pinterest-ing" Office Updates...UPDATED!

A few months ago I posted the Band-Aids for the Soul, Spirit & Mind craft, which I made for my office,  inspired by something I found on Pinterest. I work for a non-profit, so our offices are far from fancy. In fact, like many non-profits, my department is squeezed onto the attic floor of an old building. I've done a few things in recent months to brighten things up (can we say ace-bandage colored walls? Blech!) all of which were inspired by Pinterest. My artistic skills are not fantastic, but it's certainly made the office more "mine."

Lilly Pulitzer Pattern/Monogrammed Binders via Jessica Marie Designs
Total Cost- $0 (I already had the binders- all I had to do was print!)
Empowerment Rock Garden- Inspired by Wendy Bush's 'Social Work: Making a Difference'
Total Cost: $1 (the petite rock garden was $1 at the dollar store- I added paint to some flat rocks and voila!)

Total Cost: $0 (I had the clipboards already, all I had to do was print and use some double sided clear tape!)
Repainted frames, with inspirational sayings - via: This is all.over.pinterest.literally.
Total Cost: $4 (For 4 of the smaller frames which I got at Target and Dollar Tree... aside from thatour garage was full of old frames, and I also had some old corkboard with a broken edge, which i was able to cut down to the right size for my frame).

This is by far my most favorite quote I like to use in my work...
Yay blurry, dark cell pics!
More inspirational words.. (my artistic ability is lacking, but whatever)

Oops, i forgot one!
In this Office- Inspired by 'In This House' by Elizabeth Duvivier
Total Cost: $.50 (for the paper, from Dollar Tree)
Again with the crappy cell pic... and crappy whiting out the name of my workplace, lol

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mommy-and-Me Do Together Craft: Photo Frame/Art Display

My kiddo loves to paint, and I'm always trying to think of cool ways to display her art. I was at the dollar store scoping out frames for an office-redo project I'm working on, and had an idea to make some mother's day frames that for interchangeable artwork and photos.

While Viv got to work crating some masterpieces, I heated up the 'ol hot glue gun and started by cutting a few pages out of an old photo album.
Measure and mark on a paper instert exactly where you will want to glue onto the plastic... this will save you from having a crooked frame.
I covered by photo frame insert with felt and foam frames... remember not to glue the top of the insert and frame if you want to be able to change the photo!
Ready for artwork!
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May BloggyMoms Bloghop!

 a mom blog community!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Kiddo Craft: Chalk Driveway Paint

This was so easy to do....we have more large sidewalk chalk than one family (despite our numerous chalkboards) would ever go through in a reasonable amount of time, so here's what we did:
  • Placed the chalk in thick-ish ziplock bags, and used a meat tederizor to crush it up (a regular hammer will do, I just didn't feel like searching for one that early in the morning).
  • Combine with water in containers with lids that seal! 
  • Enlist a petite helper or two to mix mix mix and shake shake shake!
Make sure you frequently mix each  color!

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