Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holidays, The Olmstead Way

I've been doing a lot of thinking as of late, about the holiday season, and what it means to me. I love Christmas. Love it. For many reasons, all of which are very meaningful and personal.

It's our tradition, each December, to do a different event, craft, or activity each day until Christmas. We incorporate  traditional religious activities, family traditions, and little treats. Nothing huge, just fun activities to enjoy as a family. Lots of crafts. Because, well, I love crafts. In a season that is extremely busy, this allows us the chance to stop the rushing around and focus on each other.

I've gotten a lot of questions as to why last year I stopped posting my usual photos of these events after day three, so here goes.

It's no secret that I post a lot of photos. That is one of the main purposes of social media, no? So posting photos about our advent activities seemed natural. I adore seeing the photos and adventures of friends and family, and I have consistently gotten positive feedback about how much they love seeing our photos and crafts that we post. 

Until last year.

Last year, I was told that when people post photos online of their family activities, it is "self-serving," and "only for show." Not me specifically, but anyone who does this.

Wait, what?

And then I was told that posting about our Christmas crafts was "braggy" (a statement which was repeated to me again this summer when I posted a photo of a sewing project my daughter and I were doing).

While I would never, ever post our crafty or holiday fun for any reason other than that people seem to like to see them, I'm not above saying that these statements hurt my feelings. So much so that I discontinued posting here altogether.

And then last month I was discussing holiday traditions with my dearest friend Kiki (The Frugal Fowler Project), a woman I consider far more wise than her years (not to mention extremely tolerant of my shenanigans... like calling her "Kiki"). She asked me why I would let the (rather unkind)opinion of one person outweigh all the positive response I've gotten.

Well now, that *does* make sense.
I swear, she is the only reason I ever make any rational decisions.

My intent in sharing this was certainly not to blast the individual that responded negatively, and I hope it doesn't seem that way. But this year, I'm back to doing the holidays my way! Tomorrow, the Magic Christmas mailbox will return, and along with it, my photos.

And as I said, I adore seeing crafts (holiday or no) and activities that others! L-O-V-E it. Love. Facebook posts, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever. Bring on the photos! I can't wait!
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