Thursday, December 3, 2015

Advent Countdown - Day 2

Today's book was 'Eloise Decorates for Christmas' By Kay Thompsen and others

We're big Eloise fans! Tonight our accompanying craft was to make snowman decorations of our own, with photos to give to friends!


Advent Countdown 2015- Day 1

Yup, It's official, I'm a fair weather blogger. Actually, since I seem to only be blogging our holiday fun, I guess that makes me a crap-weather blogger. But I digress.... This year we're doing our advent countdown a little differently. We're SO busy with dance, play practice, shows, homework, etc. that we just don't have time to do an activity everyday. So, this year "the elves" are bringing a new book everyday until Christmas, and some of those days (when we have more time), there are activities to go with the book. I'm really excited for some of them, particularly "N.H.Elf Hockey" to go with the book "Z for Zamboni."

Day One: 'Santa is Coming to Vermont' By Steve Smallman

I was delightfully surprised by this. I know they make these for each state, so I thought it would be totally generic, but it wasn't. There were some amazing illustrations of some of our favorite spots throughout the state!

Her activity was to write a Christmas list for Santa, which I assumed we would mail, but she thought it would be better to just have the elves bring it back to Santa when they came to drop off her new book the next morning. Good thinking kid!

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