Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mommy-and-Me Do Together Craft: Photo Frame/Art Display

My kiddo loves to paint, and I'm always trying to think of cool ways to display her art. I was at the dollar store scoping out frames for an office-redo project I'm working on, and had an idea to make some mother's day frames that for interchangeable artwork and photos.

While Viv got to work crating some masterpieces, I heated up the 'ol hot glue gun and started by cutting a few pages out of an old photo album.
Measure and mark on a paper instert exactly where you will want to glue onto the plastic... this will save you from having a crooked frame.
I covered by photo frame insert with felt and foam frames... remember not to glue the top of the insert and frame if you want to be able to change the photo!
Ready for artwork!
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