Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

In honor of the significant amount of time spent putting together a certain Doc McStuffins Halloween costume (with much help from Nana J!) I decided to dig up some costume photos from other years! Sadly (or maybe thankfully?) most of my childhood trick-or-treating photos are at my parents house, but I was able to dig up some funny ones!

I'm pretty sure this was Mike's fave...

Mike as Dr. House, me as Holly Golightly and our Pumpkin's first Halloween :)

Mike and I in college the year my sorority all went as flappers (Ever hand-sewed multiple flapper dresses? Only for these girls would I ever do THAT again!) and Mike as part of ICP

No description needed I hope...

A personal fave

College- stolen (er...borrowed) from the college- 80s cheerleader unis

Laura Ingalls Wilder... I may have been around 8


6th grade maybe? Shampoo and conditioner seemed super awesome at the time

5 maybe?

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