Thursday, January 10, 2013

Advent Project Days 15-24

Yes, I'm extremely late in posting these, but with good reason. a. I'm exhausted. Pooped. Worn out. Je suis très fatigué! and b. my laptop cord broke and I have yet to get another one (please refer back to reason "a." for why. 

Anywho, better late than never, right? 

Day 15:
So... Day 15 was supposed to be the Magic on Main celebration in town... we went, she decorated an ornament (pictured) but she was scared to death of the reindeer :( when Santa came booming in on a fire engine (avec sirens) she screamed and ran the other way. When I got her calmed down, the crowd around Santa was just too overwhelming (not to mention 15 degrees out) for her. Poor peanut! Soooo... we decided shopping for a party dress was more our speed ;-)

Day 16: This was supposed to be a trip to an actual reindeer farm... however, due to her reaction t the reindeer yesterday, we thought it would be a good idea to forgo that idea, and instead went to the library party :)

Day 17: Cookies and Christmas books by the tree with Daddy ♥ After this book she said "I'm having such a happy holiday!" Love her so!

Day 18: She and Mike wanted colored lights on the tree, but the white lights won out... so we thought this was a cute way for her to get the lights she wanted (Mike declined to wear a matching necklace)

Day 19: Snowman pizza!

Day 20: Making Magic Reindeer Food

Day 21: 

Day 22: This was supposed to a going to Grammy's Christmas party, but the roads were bad and we weren't up for the 2 hour drive, so we improvised!

Day 23: Another improvised day, since she was supposed to spend the night at Grammy's and do something special, so she got to pick out small gifts for everyone!

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