Wednesday, January 30, 2013

4th Birthday Made for a Princess

We had a small princess tea party for Viv's birthday. Unfortunately i didn't get photos of everything I wanted to, but c'est la vie! Viv loved it!
We found this handmade princess dress at a local shop and thought it was perfect for the occasion! It was a bit long for running around in, so we had a quick costume change (a la Elizabeth Taylor) halfway through the party.

I wanted to use a real tea set, but wasn't quite ready to part with my grandmother's china. I found GREAT (read: pretty and cheap) tea ware a the Christmas Tree Shops!

Bracelets as napkin rings- great idea Pinterest!

I feel it only fair to warn you, once you have eaten cheddar shaped like a glass slipper, plain old cheddar will never do! We had some other food, but I didn't snap pics in time.

I wanted an activity that would be fun for different ages of kiddos, but that also wasn't overly messy! I found cute jewelry boxes (and one pirate treasure chest)  at AC Moore, painted them (with Viv's help!) and fount a TON of self-adhesive decor to decorate them with. No glue needed, and a really easy clean up! On a separate note,  have 049754358365 self-adhesive foam glitter shapes if anyone is in the market for some. ;-)


Viv wanted to decorate the cupcakes herself :)

Sweet girl

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  1. CUTE party! Here from the blog hop! So nice to "meet" you!

  2. The cupcakes are adorable !! Today is actually my little Sophia's 2nd b'day I can't believe it !


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