Monday, March 8, 2010

A good egg...

I hadn't made (or even thought about) an Easter tree since I was about 7. So yesterday, when I came across several on our walk I was delighted and inspired! I could not *of course* have any old half-a$$ed decorated bush in our yard, so I decided to get creative.

I created my own 'tree' by gathering together small branches and biding them with ribbon. This was trickier and messier than I anticipated! Using an X-ACTO knife, I made a small hole in the top of each plastic egg, and ran a hoop of ribbon through. With the same color of ribbon, I made a small bow, which I added to the top of the egg with [my fave] hot glue. For the base I decided to use a tall vase, securing the branches with glass craft beads (which I reused from Vivi-cakes birthday party- bonus!] And Vvwaaaaa-laaaah!

Easter Beag le, take note: leave my 'Reester Bunny' and black jelly beans here!

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