Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dear Mother Nature, and other open letters...

Dear Mother Nature,
:) You rock my socks! Thank you for blessing us with this beautiful (albeit still a bit nippy) day filled with sweet nearly-spring [read: pre-manuer spreading] air and sunshine to warm our long-awaiting faces!

Dear Gerber Graduates,
I contest your description of 'mess free!' Unless by 'mess free!' you mean 'just the perfect size and consistency for the tiniest of fingers to squish and grind into the carpet.'

Dearest Darling Daughter,
Thank you for coughing, tooting AND spitting peas on my face all at the same time. Epic.
It's a good thing you're cute! :) smooches!

On another note, here are some sites I'm loving this week...

Yay Everyday - fun art and inspirational images
It Made My Day - winning moments... a happy alternative to "FML"

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