Friday, May 7, 2010

I could write some long [read: pretentious] testimonial here about how introducing my child to art at an early age will open her mind and awaken her senses... but no one needs (or has any desire) to hear about any of that, and I have no earthly longing to write about it. Sure, exposure to art can help develop the brain and provide and outlet for emotional expression, yadda yadda yadda and all that.

It's also (*most importantly*), what us common folk refer to as, ya know... fun.

Fingerpainting on a rainy afternoon? WIN! My little 'arteeest' was thrilled with her first go-'round with painting, and now that I know she will not try to *eat* the art supplies, I am equally as enthused.

Two mom thumbs up for Crayola Kid's Paint too! In addition to Viv being covered in paint, the floor and the tub were *shmeared* with color as well. Color me impressed (color, get it? ahhhh... I slay me) because this is one "washable" product that did not mean "scrub for hours and it should eventually come off."

(click to enlarge)

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  1. That is a toddler's dream right there! Heck, I would love to finker paint in my underwear on the kitchen floor. ... just kidding.

    sort of... haha


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