Saturday, February 9, 2013

Screw the Flu & Banana/Strawberry 'Green Thicky'

If you haven't been graced with the nasty plague... er, icky flu that seems to go non-stop all winter, than I envy you! I thought I could skip by this year without a flu shot and have been kicking myself all week for not having gotten one.
It also became painfully apparent to me this year that I do not have to capacity to handle being ill like a rational adult. I just don't. I hate it! Being under the weather (for me at least) also brings about an enormous amount of internal struggle between the need to take care of myself and the need to fulfill my obligations to other people. Am I the only one who  struggles with this? I go to work to get stuff done and feel miserable all day; I leave early or stay home and feel immediate guilt, like I am shirking my responsibilities (for the record, my work is more than understanding about sick days, this is all me!). 
I feel like as a mom (a work-out-of-home-mom that is, I can't speak for anyone else), I find myself in a perpetual state of feeling like there isn't enough time for everyone and everything as it is. Adding in the actual physical need to [try to] put myself first so that I can get well is akin to poking a stick through my bycicle spokes. But I digress...
My real reason for writing is that I continued with my Green Smoothie (thickie) Experiment despit being sick. I made several mixed berry/spinach smoothies this week, but was didn't have the time to write about the recipes. I found this guide very helpful in creating my recipes:
Img Credit: Whole Earth Wellness

This morning I created a banana strawberry "thicky" that is definitely worth a share if you're thinking of replacing a meal with a smoothie! Yeah, it's a Magic Hat glass, don't judge me!
Oatmeal (28g)- 100cal
Organic Spinach (pureed at home and frozen, 30oz)- 20cal
Strawberries (1/2 cup)- 25cal
Cottage cheese- fat free, small curd (1/4 cup)- 40cal
1 medium banana- 105cal
1 cup water
(This recipe isn't from the website, but you can read all about green thickies here). post signature

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