Sunday, March 10, 2013

8 "Facts" We Learned From Our Preschooler This Week

8 "Facts" We Learned From Our Preschooler This Week

1. FACT: "Only girls can go to cheese parties." We're not sure what a cheese party is, but I'm sad Mike will not be able to attend.Also, imitation cheddar is unacceptable, so don't even try.

2. FACT: Boobs are made of feathers. "That's how come they are kind of like pillows."

3. FACT: A Yoga mat is actually just a "fashiony runway" and a "royal princess carpet." Don't question her on this, she will demonstrate how to properly walk like a "fashiony" person, and will insist you follow suit.

4. FACT: The Easter Bunny, like many celebrities before him, has decided to re-brand himself with a one- name moniker. Instead of Peter Cottontail, this season he'll  be "Just Cottontail."
5. FACT: Mike's job is to "write about boy things."

6. FACT: China is "on the other side of the lake shaped like a ballerina."

7. FACT: Clearly, "You can wear a tutu, sunglasses, patent-leather shoes an no undies" is practically word for word the same thing as "Go put on something comfy for mommy and me yoga." Yes, if you're Paris Hilton. However, this "fact" is highly contested in our household, lol.

8. FACT:  It is possible to remember the precise location you lost a sticker in a department store 6 states away, a boo-boo from a year and a half ago, and every word of every line from 'Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses,' but impossible to remember what your mom asked you to do 3 seconds prior. According to preschooler law, all requests to do something must be repeated at least 6 times and submitted in writing with a cookie bribe 24 hours in advance.

:-) Ahhh, she teaches us so much! :)

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  1. #8 cracks me up -- both of mine have great memories for details, except for what I asked them to do, or where they put their own toys.

    Stopping in from the blog hop at Bloggy Moms.


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