Sunday, September 2, 2012


I'm not really one to get political, and I don't plan on writing some outrageous rant here (now or ever), but ohhhmahgawwwd I have to write at least a blurb about this.

So, we recently purchased Postcards From Buster on DVD because we're big fans of the Arthur books... and *finally* got to watch the "controversial" Vermont episode. This originally aired in 2004 and then was immediately taken out of the show's rotation (all traces of the episode's existence were also ripped off the channel's website).

After watching it, I'm not quite sure what all the uproar was about, unless you're easily offended by happy kids, parents that love each other, sugar on snow and sharp cheddar cheese.


The only thing I found even remotely controversial was the fact that Buster was hell bent on giving his single mother a cucumber for Mother's Day.

Oh COME ON, you know you were thinking it too!

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