Sunday, September 9, 2012

Warm House, Warm Heart

Amidst tornado warnings, family and friends gathered for our housewarming last evening. While I'm bummed that my outdoor "Olmstead Homestead"/Country Chic theme couldn't really be translated inside (the burlap table runner idea I found on Pinterest was a little toooo country-smelling for indoors), we had a lovely time with good food and great people! I can't think everyone enough for coming!
Here are a few pics from the party... I didn't take many because I was too busy chatting, and clearly my camera was not on the right setting, but oh wells...

First of all, can we talk about this amazing cake, made by my good friend's husband? It tasted as amazing as it looked!
Photo Credit: Josh Drown
Mike, The (blurry) Grillin' King!
Homemade Salsa.... drool worthy!
Live performance by Viv & Av, The Homestead Singing Duo
Prepped for an outdoor evening, but it was not to be!
And check out this awesome housewarming gift painted by our friend Brian! 
You can check other art here

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  1. Looks amazing! Wish we would've been there! Love to all!

  2. House looks great... I'm glad it was appropriately warmed. :)


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