Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Children's Books, Revisited

When I was young, my mom would read to my brother and I every night. This simple parental gesture has resulted in a life-long love affair with reading. I hope to some day pass this love on to my darling little Vivi, and have truly enjoyed discovering (and re-discovering) some amazing children's literature with her this year.

While perusing the piles of books at the annual library book sale this summer, I managed to gather quite the array of discarded books (I almost always feel sorry for discarded books and feel the need to 'rescue' them). Amongst the bevy of children's titles I brought (nay, dragged by the boxful) home that day, was 'Seven Brave Women.' Without having actually looked through the book (yes, I committed the cardinal book-lover's sin of judging it by it's cover) I assumed it was a stories of famous brave women throughout history. Always being one to want to show my daughter that women are strong and capable, I added it to my stack of purchases and moved along. I was wrong, but discovered something that was much, much better.

'Seven Brave Women' narrates the lives of author Betsy Hearne's courageous and spirited female ancestors, as told through the eyes of her young daughter. The book points out that "history books marked time by the wars that men fought," and recounts the bravery and life-changing actions of those who did not fight in wars, but faced and survived conflict of their own: the women of her family.

This story was BEAUTIFUL. What a legacy for her to leave for future generations of her family! And don't even get me started on the illustrations. My daughter can't keep her eyes off them. I give this book the Vivi-cakes stamp of approval! A definite visual and written treat, especially for mommy-daughter pairs :)

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