Monday, January 11, 2010

Wonderland for my One Year Old

My sweet Vivi-cakes' Winter One-derland party was a success! And I must say, I'm rather proud of myself! All of the decor was either purchased at the dollar store, or made from items that were.Right after Christmas is the perfect time to throw a snow-themed party, as everything of that nature is 75% off!

We had originally wanted to go sledding and make sugar-on-snow (two quintessential Vermont winter faves) but since it was about -30 with the windchill, we opted to stay indoors and replaced sledding with wine and sugar on snow with quite possibly the *best* cupcakes I have ever had (made by cake-maker extraordinaire, Judy Laberge).

It came out tres cute, no?

(click thumbnail to view full-size)


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  1. I absolutely LOVE the title "ONE-derland." for her party theme! It may just be something I will have to steal when I have a little one of my own.


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