Saturday, January 30, 2010

Le Brrrrrrr

Every winter, amidst the three-foot snow drifts, -35 degree weather and chattering teeth, I question why we continue to torture ourselves by voluntarily living in an area that so closely resembles the Arctic tundra.

I loath the cold, despise the snow and spit in the general direction of the icy drive that I have slipped on more times that I care to remember. From November to May my tootsies are in a perpetual state of 'cold as ice' and I have, on occasion, been known to wear both a bathrobe and Snuggie at.the.same.time.

Nonetheless, when it comes down to it, I could not imagine living anywhere but here. It's home. And that, my friends is better than any is better than any condo in Boca. Because of this, I would like to become friends with wintertime Vermont. So, I have composed a list of things I would like to do in the hopes of learning to embrace my bitter (cold) enemy.

Here we go...

1. Cross country ski . I've done this before, but not for what seems like an eternity. We're surrounded by places to do this (including the area that surrounds our house) and can rent them for about $5. Apparently the local family wilderness center holds skiing "moonlight excursions." What fun! I better dig out that dorky headlamp flashlight of mine...

2. Snowshoeing. Ditto the info above, plus I hear it's an amazing workout (which, admittedly I need these days).

3. Have Bestie teach me to make these amazing frosted sugar cookies she makes from scratch. She made some snowflake ones for Vivi's birthday and they were incredible! I want to learn to make some for Valentine's Day. So technically this has nothing to do with winter, but it's something fun to do! And it does involve iceing... bah-dum-bum-ching! Ahhh... I amuse myself.

4. Take my daughter sledding. We have the perfect hill for it right in our back yard. We wanted to go for her birthday, but it was far too chilly! It's still pretty cold, but hopefully we can go soon. I want her to grow up loving winter!

5. Winter photography. I really love to take picture. Whether I'm any good or not doesn't really matter to me. I'm always out and about with my camera during the summer and fall, but have yet to go out on a beutiful winter morning and photograph some of the marvels of nature that mother nature provides for us the rest of the year.

6. Go to more of my husband's hockey games. I've taken the baby to a few, but would like to get more into it. Eventually we would like to get our daughter on skates (we're working on the walking thing first) so I would like her to be exposed to her daddy's fave winter activity. Now if only I could stop getting the bleachers at the rink to stop eating my belongings... but that is a goal for another day.

Okay bloggies... it is Saturday, which means a day with my daughter and some [never ending] laundry, so I'm off. I will keep you posted on how I'm doing with my Winter Bucket List! I am open to suggestions for more winter activities to try!

Thanks for reading:)

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