Monday, January 4, 2010

No such thing as too much hot glue!

My darling daughter turns one in 3 days! To celebrate, my husband and I are going to have a 'Winter One-derland themed party." Cheesy theme? Yes Ma'am, and loving it! I've been busying myself with all sorts of crafty decorations, including this cutie-pie DIY cake stand I've always wanted to try. I found my inspiration here, at CakeJournal, and tweaked it a bit. To make my version, you will need:
-Craft/scrapbooking paper
-Either pre-cut cardboard or foam circles or foam board/cardboard
-Exacto kni
-Several yards of grosgrain ribbon
-3-4 cylinders (they can be crafting foam, cardboard, coffee cans, etc.)
-A lot of hot glue. You can never have too much hot glue!

I think it came out well for a first try! Can't wait to put the cupcakes on it!

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