Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 Things I Did Not Expect From Motherhood

I did not expect...
1. ...that so many conversations with other adults would revolve around poop.
2. ...to have to wrestle a one year old into a diaper... and lose.
3. ...to find the unexpected at every turn. Like waking up to a certain cutie-patootie sticking cereal in my ear ;-)
4. ...that finding a good babysitter would be akin to the search for the Holy Grail.
5. ...that becoming parents would create a deeper love and admiration for my husband.
6. ...that I would breastfeed with such unabashed immodesty anywhere, anytime {Well, that's what they're for!!}
7. ...that I would have songs from 'Nick Jr.' memorized and stuck in my head 24/7... or that my husband and I would find ourselves randomly bursting into Laurie Berkner Band lyrics {"I don't wanna gooo slow I gooo fast! I'm a rabbit I hop and I jump and I dash!"} Yeah.. that's just about enough of that...
8. ...words like 'tushie,' and 'feetsies' would slip so seamlessly into my everyday vernacular.
9. ... that prepping for a 15 minute trip to the store can be a 2 hour process.
10. ...that s single tiny smile at the end of the day would have healing powers stronger than anything else known to man.

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  1. So, soo true.... I love #2! I lose every time! And #6 is a shared thought as well.... I could care less who sees my boobs now! Haha

  2. I looooved this post! Its great that they are all positive and funny things :)

  3. Number 1 could not be more true. We just got Greyson "Elmo goes Potty" Dan and I laughed so hard at all the adults saying different bathroom words... oh and it was brought to us by the letter P and #2 (what a ka-wikydink). But.. today Greyson pooped for the first time on the potty and I wanted to text everyone in my phone, then I thought.. wait a minute.. only Dan and I would enjoy this. :)


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