Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ski-for-All Free-for-All

Another winter bucket list item complete! Today, we went cross country skiing, and IT.WAS.AWESOME. How have I not been doing this every winter of my life?! And while I can't say much for my coordination level, we made it through the afternoon without a single casualty. Well... unless you count wet tushes, but in our defense, the skis really weren't made to go down that hill!

We decided to forgo the traditional trail skiing and venture out into the fields behind my house. By 'fields' I mean one field and several people's property, none of whom we knew. But, in keeping with typical Vermont winter etiquette (which seems to mean that anyone and everyone's yards are a snowmobiling free-for-all) no one seemed to mind. :)

I wish I didn't have to return my rented skis tomorrow, because I would love to go again (gosh darn that whole having to work thing!) Not that they would notice if I kept them an extra day. Only in small town Vermont would a store go by the honor system and just tell you to pay when you bring them back!
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  1. yay for the honor system! I am so used to it now that when we went bowling down in souther NH last week and they asked to keep one of my shoes behind the counter as collateral for their bowling shoes and paying for our games I was shocked and more than annoyed.


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